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vidding_archive's Journal

Lost Library of the Vidders
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Welcome to Vidding Archive

The goal of vidding_archive is to bring all the fan vids scattered across livejournal and the web into one location. If you've made a vid please consider adding your vid information to the community . Vids will be added to memories by fandom. This community is open to all fandoms and all vid genres. This is the place to find the vids in your favorite fandom and the place to post your vids so that they can be found by the fans.

Posting Information
To make it easier on our archivists and those looking for vids please put;
Subject line: Title or Song by Vidder Name, Fandom

Fandom: (if it's a multiverse vid please put that information here)
Vid Title:
Website:(Due to the nature of this site we want to make sure that the links are available for a long time. Please no yousendit or megashare or other temporary download sites.)
Character, pairing or ensemble information:
Genre: romance, drama, comedy, slash, experimental, character study, etc
Ratings and warnings:

Also to help viewers find vids please include tags for your vidder name and/or you lj name (if different), fandom, genre, band, character, or anything else that would help someone find similar vids.

1. Use of any clips from a fan vid that is not your own without the original vidder's permission will not be tolerated. If you post a vid with stolen clips you will be banned from the group and your vids will be deleted from the archive. This rule is non negotiable and strictly enforced. If you find what you believe to be clip theft please email one of the mods. Unsure of what's meant by " clip theft"? Read this.

2. If you did not make the vid please do not post the information. This is not a recommendation community. Do to the nature of this hobby it is up to the vid maker to decide if they want their vid information public.

3. Due to the nature of this site we want to make sure that the links are available for a long time. Please no yousendit or megashare or other temporary download sites.

4. Posting multiple vids in one entry is allowed BUT due to the limitations of the LJ memory function please put only one fandom per entry.

5. Please mark all spoilers. Spoilers are anything that has not been broadcast including any trailers and previews.

6. This is an archive only community. If you are looking for vidding discussion or help please see vidding

7. Comments are a good thing.

8. Please don't flame the vidders. This is their art made for their enjoyment and yours. If you see a problem email one of the mods.

9. Disclaimer-Vids posted here are not intended to infringe on any movie, television or music copy-writes. They are made for fun by the fans for the fans.

* Vids may take a few days to be archived into memories. Please be patient.

We're also trying to compile a list of all the fandoms out there, so if you see any fandoms that you're in, and they aren't in our interests just leave a post here  and I'll add them.

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