Megan Calvet, Mad Men, Don Draper

Vid: Unbreak My Heart (Mad Men | Don & Megan)

Title: Unbreak My Heart
Fandom: Mad Men
Format: HD | 4:38
Vidder: Avenue Potter
Music: Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton
Ship: Don Draper & Megan Calvet

Summary:  Don & Megan fall apart yet still yearn for each other.


Megan Calvet, Mad Men, Don Draper

Vid: You're My Brother (Mad Men)

Title: You're My Brother
Vidder: Avenue Potter
Song: Fugitive by The Pet Shop Boys
Format: HD|412mbs|4:03min
Fandom: Mad Men
Characters: Don Draper/Dick Whitman, Adam Whitman, Lane Pryce

Summary: Don Draper deals with the suicide of his brother, Adam.

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New Video; Katherine & Elijah!

title; Poison & Wine
edited by; blairwaldorfx (blairwaldorfqueenb on youtube)
fandom; the vampire diaries
couple(s); Katherine/Elijah, Elijah/Elena
characters; Katherine Pierce, Elena Gilbert, Elijah Mikaelson
song & artist; Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars
summary; this video is centered mostly around katherine & elijah (+elena gilbert) from 4x18. The kiss scenes i used are elijah kissing katherine instead of elena.
warnings; spoilers for 4x18
youtube channel;